Santan Gopal Puja

The puja is performed with a specific number of chants of the mantra mentioned by our Purohits. Shri Santan Gopal mantra is related to Lord Krishna, which is effective in producing progeny for those who do not have any. The ritual is performed to attain the blessings to fulfil the wish of having a son with qualities of Lord Krishna. We recommend this puja to couple who wish to have children and unable to make this happen for one or another reason. The ritual involves chanting the mantra for 1, 25,000 mantras with complete devotion and dedication. A native needs to have a pure mind and keep repeating the mantras or Sankalpam on daily basis. There are specific number of days in which the readings need to be finished before the mentioned time. Completing the ritual can definitely bring good results for those who chant the mantras. We help you throughout the process and explain people who conduct the ritual regarding the procedures they need to follow daily. They need to pure heartedly pray for the best results of the Pooja to Lord Krishna. This way one can seek blessings of Lord Krishna in having progeny for sure.