Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja

Vedic Purohit suggests specific remedies for the problems that range from simple to complexed ones. Pitra Dosh is a puja that can be helpful in satisfying the forefathers and people who perform the ritual can have blessings to lead a happy life. Shraddh is performed as a part of this puja, for the departed souls by the people who are willing to perform the pitra dosh shanti puja. This can help in preventing the negative effects of the unsatisfied souls of ancestors. By performing this specific puja, the sinful deeds committed can be cleansed away and blessings can be attained by those who perform the Shraddh. The rituals performed can differ from one place to another but we make sure all the rituals are performed as per the Shastra. The offering of food to crows is made and it is believed to be a representation of forefathers. Therefore the ritual involves offering of food to ancestors and this process is called PindDaan. Our priests suggest this puja for the situations needed and make sure the rituals are performed as needed. This way the negative effects on the family can be reduced and the souls of ancestors can attain peace.