KumbhVivah Puja

This is a simple wedding of the people who have manglik dosh that is common. These rituals are performed by our pundits. The horoscopes are thoroughly studied and once the presence of Dosh is known, we suggest required rituals for the same. Once the required ritual is performed, the person is free of the manglik dosh and can get married without any hitch. We provide all the materials required for the puja or one can get as per the request of the priest. The procedure involves a person performing the ritual who would be getting married to a clay pot. This is going to be broken after the ritual is done. It is a strong belief in this puja where the pot is considered as the spouse, which is going to be broken that implies it is dead. Once the pot is broken, the negative effects are reduced and the same person can marry another as per their choice. Such puja can be helpful in reducing the negative effects and we make sure the rituals are performed as per the Shastra. The rituals are performed up to the mark that can eliminate and provide complete happiness to you and your family.