KaalSarp Dosh Puja

The presence of KaalSarp Dosh is first identified in the horoscope and the necessary rituals are performed by the pundits. The effects of KaalSarp Dosh puja are beneficial and one can prevent the negative effects of the Dosh. Amavasya day that falls on Wednesday, is the most auspicious time for performing the Puja and in this aspect, our priests can help in deciding the dates. They can even study the horoscope thoroughly and suggest the puja as per the need. This puja is proven to be powerful in alleviating the intensity of dosh and results in peace of mind by overcoming the obstacles. While performing the puja, one would need three small sized snakes, made of silver, copper and lead. Perform the puja to the three metal snakes as per the suggestions of our priests and we make sure the rituals are performed without any kind of interruptions. This puja when performed diligently with complete faith can relieve the person from the ill effects of KaalSarp Dosh. After performing the KaalSarp Dosh puja, one can find the difference and gets relieved from the troubles that have been haunting for a longer period of time for sure.

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