Inauspicious Yoga Shanti

As the name suggests it can be inauspicious if the Shanti Puja is not performed as per the requirement on time. It can result in inauspicious things in a person’s life. The bad effect occur as a result of bad deeds of that particular person or the family members. The issue is related to Shani Rahu or Shani Chandra that involve certain planets related to yoga. One needs to be very careful once the presence of dosh is known through horoscope. There are chances of severe punishments or bad fortune. VedicPurohit is here to overcome such obstacles, as we can provide a chance to avoid such misfortune. The Vedic pundits help in studying the horoscope and detects the dosh. They make all the necessary requirements for inauspicious Yoga Shanti. After the dates are opted, we send you a confirmation mail with respect to the Puja details. The ritual is customised with complete details that can help you understand the importance. We intimate before time regarding the dos and don’ts that need to be followed by you during the Shanti Puja. Here you have the option of attending the Shanti Puja by yourself or have a representative to conduct the ritual.