Kumbhvivah puja

KumbhVivah is a ritual who hasManglik Dosh in their horoscope

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Shani Shanti puj

All good times will be back if one performs Shani Shanti puja

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Santan Gopal Puja

This is concerned with the growth and prosperity of a person’s clan

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Welcome to Vedicpurohit

Vedicpurohit is the one stop solution for all kinds of rituals and pujas that can be performed for special occasions. We are eminent and well known in New Jersey for such services at any point of time. Our varied services includes all kinds of important pujas like KaalSarpaDosha and many more. Such rituals are required for preventing obstacles and to lead happy and prosperous life.

There are various Hindu priest services that the proficient Vedic pundits conduct. Services like wedding ceremonies, Satyanarayan Vrat, Shanti pujam, Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja and Kumbh Vivah. The Shanti Puja is conducted to eliminate certain misfortune is a person’s life. The presence of dosha can be known by well versed scholars. They can suggest rituals which can help in finding a solution. The Pitra Dosh puja which is commonly conducted can help in attaining peace to departed souls. There are different ways because of which the Dosh can occur. One of the reason for conducting the puja is when departed ancestors do not get shanti. Kumbh vivah is a significant ritual for Manglik Dosh and this is a simple ritual with significance in the lives of people with major issues in horoscope.